Trade Like a Casino Affordable Day Trading – Keeping the Odds in Your Favor with Micro E-Minis

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Get the BOOK: For about the price of a slice of pizza and a soda, you get Everything you need to learn to Day Trading Micro Futures- ebook only $8.95, and the paperback w/free prime shipping only $12.95. Here’s the Amazon link. Read more here:

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Day Trading for Beginners. Extra Income, whether you are just starting out, or a baby boomer about to retire or already retired. These 1/10th size Micro E-Mini futures are the most affordable way to learn to Day Trade for Income. Ideal because they are inexpensive to trade while you learn. Each point can be just 50 cents, $5, or $2 per point… much lower risk allows new traders to learn to trade and are ideal for developing your day trade skills. This has never been possible before as it took way too much money and risk just to learn how. This is really the first affordable way to learn to trade. This video discusses how to use two of the most popular charting and trade indicators in the world: candlestick charting and the famous MACD trading signal (they come free with your broker’s software, nothing to buy.) Question like “how often you should trade” are discussed, along with ways to limit risk and how to use your own practice trade log before you put real money at risk.

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This video and book are by author and trainer Don A. Singletary with 25 years experience as a futures risk manager hedge consultant – teaching futures and options trading to corporate managers and brokers. This book is written especially for beginners for these new Micro E-minis are perfect for the home investor to use to learn day trading for income.
Trade like a Casino is about professional trading techniques that can consistently win. It’s Amazingly simple. With the right training and discipline you can be a pro trader. Now, for the first time in trading history you can learn to trade with 1/10th the risk with the Micro E-Minis. Each point increment trades for only 50 cents, $2, or $5. Trade small while you are learning, keep risks low.