I Tested "GUARANTEED" CRASH PROFIT (4) Strategies and it WORKED… (Roobet)

August 2, 2021 Off By admin

I originally heard about the gambling website Roobet and the gameplay Crash when SteveWillDoIt started posting videos of him winning $10k+ in the matter of minutes. It wasn’t until Biaheza posted his video “Can You Make Money Roobet Betting?” that I thought about doing for myself to make money.

In this video it’s my first time access thee Roobet website to play the gambling game Crash. We test out 4 different strategies talked throughout YouTube on “guarantee” ways to win or “strategies to beat the Crash game”.

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Tell me down below in the comments if you’ve personally tested out the game crash? If so, what kind of strategy did you use. Was it a winning or losing strategy?

0:00 – Intro
0:43 – How Crash Gambling Works
1:20 – Getting Started with Playing Crash
2:42 – Testing Strategy #1 (2x Cash out multiplier)
4:38 – Testing Strategy #2 (Super low cash out multiplier)
7:04 – Testing Strategy #3 (Martingale strategy)
9:58 – Testing Strategy #4 (Super high cash out multiplier)
13:00 – Total Money Won/Lost with the (4) Strategies
13:42 – Outro