Does this low cost Roulette App Win every time?

June 28, 2021 Off By admin

I ask a somewhat rhetorical question in that “Does this low cost Roulette App Win every time?”
The answer is yes and no.
It always wins for me within 5 bets and often much sooner as you can see in this video

There is one bet in roulette that occurs in every game and this is the ‘Hidden Even Chance Bet’.
It occurs when 18 and only 18 numbers remain unhit.
This usually happens between 20 & 30 spins.

If you bet on these numbers it will often win on the first spin.
If it doesn’t you need to double the stake.
I’ve never had to double my stake more than 4 times, so some capital is necessary.

RKG the Roulette App is for Android phones and/or tablets and designed solely to detect this bet.

Of course there are no guarantees. This app is not suitable for double zero wheels and it does show a slight error in that number 11 is the wrong colour but this doesn’t affect its efficacy.

Science will tell you that every spin is independent and previous spins have no affect, yet we see 5 or more blacks(odds,highs) in a row all the time, but never see 33 in a row our whole lives.

The COMBINED probability of 18 numbers out of 37 sleeping 25 times is one in over SIXTY SIX MILLION and while I accept every spin is independent and previous spins have no affect on future spins the odd thing is I see 18 numbers sleep over 20 times every time I play.
And I win every time I play so what am I doing wrong?

The app is available at the very low price of 2.49 and in this game won 36 in about 12 minutes or about 46 spins.
I’m not saying you can take this app on your phone into a casino.
I hear it’s illegal to use a computer to play roulette in Nevada since 1985.
But is a phone a computer?
If you do try and be inconspicuous and let me know how you get on.
I offer no guarantee but if you follow and agree with my logic why not give it a try? You don’t have to play for 1.00 stakes you can even play for for 1 cent or 1 penny at some casinos.

The app is only available on the Google Play Store (frankly it’s not worth risking getting it anywhere else) . Also available is RKG Lite for Windows which is the same price and available with instant delivery from my website I suggest you try the program in the privacy of my own home and never play with more than you can afford to lose.
I prefer to play live tables but alas I’m not always quick enough to place the 18 necessary bets.

In this session I played for about 12 minutes.
I had the casino showing on my desktop and the app running on my phone.

However, I normally play for around 20 minutes as you will see in my next session at where rather than use the app I use the full version of RouletteKeyGold which alerts me to many more potential bets, and wins me a lot more while waiting for the ‘Hidden Even Chance Bet’.