3 Malaysian brothers jailed for cheating MBS casino – 07Dec2012

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SINGAPORE: Three Malaysian brothers have been sentenced to jail for cheating the Marina Bay Sands casino of S$344,350 worth of gaming chips.

The heaviest sentence was meted out to Matthias Ng Khay Yeek, 24, who was working as a croupier at the casino at the time of the offence.

He received 40 months’ jail for one count of Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT).

Mark Ng Khay Shuean, 21, and Matthew Ng Khay Shean, 25, received 30 months’ jail each for abetting the crime.

The trio committed the offences between early August and 29 September this year.

Matthias operated a number of casino games, namely baccarat and ‘money wheel’, and was entrusted with large quantities of casino chips.

He roped in his brothers to cheat the casino by overpaying them on winning bets, paying them on non-wagered winning bets and shifting their losing bets to winning bets.

His brothers would then cash in the casino chips.

The court heard that they were careful not to cash in chips worth more than S$5,000 at any one time so that they won’t have to declare their particulars.

The scheme was detected when casino surveillance officers reviewed CCTV footage.

They found discrepancies in the amount won at the table where Matthias was the croupier in charge.

Matthias and Mark were arrested on October 1.

Matthew surrendered to the police on the same day.

Of the amount misappropriated, S$71,800 worth of cash and chips and 20,000 ringgit (about S$8,000) were recovered.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Tng Sheng Rong called for a deterrent sentence, pointing out that casino crimes are on the rise.

The maximum sentence for CBT is 15 years’ jail and a fine.