2016 Newest NO.1 best hot sale fishing game machine – Ocean king 2 fishing game machine

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2016 Newest NO.1 best hot sale fishing game machine – Ocean king 2 fishing game machine,100% IGS Ocean King 2 Golden Legend fishing game machine.
Hot sale USA,Hawaii,Vietnam etc.

What’s the specifications of the ocean king 2 fishing game machine?
Dimension: L160xW130xH80 (cm)
Net Weight: 250KGS
Power Supply: 220V/110V
Max Power: 350W
LCD: 55′
Players: 6 Players or 8 Players
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What’s the features of IGS Ocean King 2 Golden Legend fishing game machine?
1. Bill acceptor+printer/coin acceptor+hopper/key in+key out to be chosen;
2. Durable machine with thickened aluminum case and tempered glass;
3. The most cost-effective top-selling prize machine;
4. Fishing game machine is one of the best games on the market at present;
5. The machine adopts HD image quality and good performance hardware configuration which can let the player get a high quality visual enjoyment;
6. The game rewards allot reasonably. It uses “Dynamic Equilibria Calculations”.

What is the Features of IGS Ocean King monster?
• Explosive Crab “Explode with Massive Power! Fish have nowhere to go!”
• Roulette Crab “Max 800 times with timing challeage the biggest prize!”
• Lightning Chain “Ceaseless Fire! Catch fish with continuous weapon”
• Vortex Fish “Catch all fish with same kind!”
• Machine Gun “High Speed Shooting!”
• Electro Magnetic Crab “Full Scale Explosion!”
• Golden Dragon “Chief of the Sea! Max 500 times”

How to Play? (IGS Ocean King 2 Golden Legend fishing game machine)
1. Insert coin, note or card to add creidts;
2. Move the joystick to target;
3. Press the button to fishing;
4. Let’s to play chile ocean king 2 fishing game machine to catch the big boss.

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